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A definitive, step-by-step  way to  change your ways as a spender. This online course walks you through  creating a strong foundation before you start your Spending Fast and then we create your Spending Fast Plan. You learn all the basics plus all of the common pitfalls. It condenses everything I learned while eliminating my debt, and leading my Spending Fasters Community to over  $2.5 million dollars in savings.

No Sense in re-creating the wheel right? I'm giving you everything you need! 

Below you can see a PREVIEW of what's included. 

Everything is done in bite size chunks so you don't get overwhelmed - the material is SUPER EASY to go through and implement. There is a printable to-do list for each module + step by step worksheets.

AND... you get to work through everything on your own time line, so you can go as fast or slow as you like! You always have a tribe of supporters in our PRIVATE Facebook Group to support and CHEER you on whenever you need us!

AND...LIVE access to me every week in the Facebook group! I will show up once a week at least to answer your questions and to support you and someone from my team will be checking in daily as well!

Woo-hoo!! I am so excited to connect with you and to support you through this process so you can get OUT OF DEBT and start living your best life!


Evelyn Said "Before  the spending fast, I had no idea how much debt I was in. I spent  everything I had and never had a plan for my money.  I was drowning in cc debt and constantly felt stressed from it. I felt desperate about  paying for my kids college and my retirement.  Now, I feel in control now.  My stress level is so much lower. I feel  empowered, in control, and very hopeful for a stable retirement and now  I'm possibly thinking about retiring early. I also now have a plan for  paying for the kids college.  I'm so glad I found the Spending Fast to get me  started on the journey to financial freedom." June 2017

Sarah said " Before  - I felt hopeless and frustrated. I didn't see a way that I could  possibly pay off my debt / save money / get ahead in life / reach my  goals. I love my job (very much) but don't earn a lot at it, and didn't  want to have to give up my passion for  money (yo). But I just found a minute of bravery, focused in, and  started. I didn't do much prep (didn't want to psych myself out of doing  it), just started. I figured out what I could stop spending money on,  how much I could save, how much I could pay back, and how I could make a  bit more money on the side. After - I feel empowered, and tough, and  like 'hells no, nothing can stop me if I want this'. I feel like I can  start daydreaming about things I want to do like travel, or refinish my  home bit by bit that really mean something to me. I also feel really  grateful for the community of people who inspired me and kept me going."  June 2017

Christiana said "I  feel so much more in control. I feel like I am more clear on my goals,  and I don't have to put them off because "I can't afford it." I know  what my priorities are!"  June 2017

Gina Said "I  had no idea how much money we were wasting every month! We are more  on a spending diet than spending fast these days, but we now have an  auto-draft every week from our checking account to our credit card, so  it's almost impossible to overspend, since  the money just isn't there. My husband and I are actually on the path to save for IVF, after 2 years of trying for baby on our own. Paying off  our debt first (we have an estimated 5 months to go) will allow us to  then start working on saving the rest so that we can hopefully undergo fertility treatments next year." June 2017

How will you feel when all of your debt has been CRUSHED? 

No really- let's stop and feel that for a minute...NO MORE STRESS, NO MORE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK......JUST FREEDOM!

What will you do with all of the money you save?

Well, what are you waiting for? LET'S DO THIS!!

*Refund Policy: Because this is a digital course and you receive access to all of the content right away, there are no refunds. You won't need one- we're gonna rock this out and kick debt to the curb! 

Anna  Newell Jones
Anna Newell Jones

I’m Anna Newell Jones, and at the tail-end of 2009 I was suffocating from the weight of my $23,605.10 in debt.

I’d reached a breaking point, where my cycle of debt and remorse  needed to end so I decided to take drastic action with the decision to  stop all unnecessary spending.

I’m not a finance professional, and I don’t have any special  training. And yet, I managed to substantially improve my financial  situation.

I made some very serious lifestyle changes by following a Spending Fast and Spending Diet plan, messed up a lot along the way, and ultimately came out victorious when I managed to eliminate all of my debt (close to $24k) in only 15 months!

Now, I’m on a mission to help others get to living a debt-free life too.


Course Curriculum

Module 3: Building a Reverse Budget
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MODULE 4: Credit Score, Interest Rate Negotiating + Other Money Saving Tasks
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